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    In the field of Offshore Outsourcing Services, US based 3PL companies have an edge over their counterparts in the foreign nations because they are not limited to specific countries but can serve any kind of customer across the globe. Many corporate enterprises in the US have opted for outsourcing services and thereby saved huge funds that would have been spent on hiring more employees and purchasing more equipment. In order to serve the growing needs of the customers from the US based sectors, US based companies with specialized expertise in the field of Information technology, software designing, multimedia design etc., have set up base in India.

    US companies can help their clients in various ways. By providing professional services like web designing, ecommerce solutions and web development they can serve the international market with confidence. Moreover, US companies have established their presence in the global markets by offering their IT services in different countries like India, UK, China, Philippines etc. By outsourcing their software designs and software development services, US based companies can also benefit by securing cost effective contracts with their respective clients.

    There are mainly two types of offshore outsourcing companies. These are US based companies and the European-based companies. The Europeans are known for providing good quality of work at cheap rates. But, US based companies have got a clear advantage over them. It is because of very less cost of service factor. By outsourcing their respective tasks to other countries, they can enjoy the benefits of highly efficient manpower without having to spend too much on the training of the employee force.

    Outsourcing all kinds of businesses can really be beneficial. It is one of the tools to boost up the growth of the companies. And it has become more popular among different kinds of companies because in this way, it enables them to cut on the expenses that might have been related to the growth of the company. This in turn leads to the increase in the revenues as well as in the net profits of the organization. Thus, outsourcing is helpful for all kinds of businesses irrespective of their size.

    It helps a big company to cut on the costs that would have been involved with the advertising of the product. In fact, some of the major US based outsourcing companies actually advertise the products through the media. So, the business owner does not need to spend money on the advertisement of the product. fulfillment helps in cutting down the costs that would have been involved in promoting the product.

    One of the advantages of offshore outsourcing is that it allows the business owners to focus on the core business of the company. Because of the low cost of service, the owners do not have to allocate too much effort on the promotion of the product. They just concentrate on the core tasks of the organization. It helps them in focusing on the tasks that can make their business flourish like marketing and increasing the revenue. This is very helpful for the growth of the organizations.

    US based companies are known to be focused and dedicated towards the customer. Thus, they do not waste time in looking for additional customers all the time. Since, most of the business transactions take place online today, it helps the company in concentrating on the online transactions rather than concentrating on the road sales. So, this is beneficial for the businesses. Offshore outsourcing services can help them in making profits in a faster manner.

    There are many advantages of offshore outsourcing. This has become so because of the growing competition in the outsourcing industry. Most of the US based companies are moving towards India and China because they are more profitable. In fact, many US based companies are offering their services in India and are earning huge profits from their work. Thus, this has made outsourcing very popular among all the US based companies.