• James Kent یک بروزرسانی ارسال کرد 6 months قبل

    Have you ever considered email list rental? The idea of email list rental may seem like an unusual business opportunity. You get one-time access to the names and email addresses of people interested in what you have to offer, but then the email list owner takes over the running of the emailing for you. So you do not own the email lists.

    Email list rental is actually very different from traditional email marketing companies. Traditional email marketing companies buy massive amounts of emails and then try to market to people with those emails. With email list rental, the business owner rents the email addresses from a bulk email marketing company and then does all the marketing and emailing his or her own product or service through that email list. There are some differences between email marketing companies that make the rental arrangement more attractive to the small business owner.

    In most traditional email list rental companies, there is usually a fee involved. The cost depends on the length of time the campaign will last. Some campaigns can go on indefinitely, while others can end after just a few weeks. So there is always an initial startup cost associated with an email list rental companies campaign.

    Also, in the case of email list rental, the emails will arrive in your company’s inbox. Usually, this means that your email list recipients have to manually open and view the emails. This can be a problem for many potential customers. For example, if someone comes to the company’s website and finds a particular offer, but they have to click on a link in order to see the offer, they may decide not to take the offer. They could click on another link, or they might decide that they do not want to follow the link because they were not interested in the offer in the first place. This can detract from the success of a promotional email campaign.

    With email list rental, email brokers usually have a large number of email lists stored. This means that there are no email recipients who have opened and read the emails. Again, this detracts from the success of the campaign. Even if you do manage to convert some of these potential customers into subscribers, chances are they will not have read the full text of the messages that you have sent out.

    When it comes to email list rental companies versus a more traditional sales process, the answer is clear. When renting a list from an email list broker, there is a much smaller risk of losing potential customers. The salesman does not have to chase customers around the block looking for them. The broker does not have to spend precious time reassuring a potential customer that the offer they are being given is the best one available. In fact, many brokers even offer free trials and a money back guarantee.

    A more traditional sales strategy makes the most sense when it comes to renting email lists. If you want to build massive lists quickly, it makes far more sense to buy lists that already have a high level of interest in them. The problem with opt-in subscriptions is that once the list is subscribed, there is no way to change the information on the subscribers. Once a customer subscribes to your list, he or she is locked in that information.

    It is also important to remember that many people will ignore unsolicited emails. If you choose to rent email lists, the only emails that will be delivered to the subscribers will be those that were requested by the subscriber. In other words, every request to the customer will end up as a request to the email addresses on the list. This can result in a huge surge in the number of emails that end up in the inbox. By choosing to make these requests yourself, you can greatly reduce the amount of emails that go to the spam box.