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    Avg automobile insurance for 18-year old?

    Can anybody suggest me for medical insurance to the Insurance Company Usa America?

    This was my first ticket. I was proceeding 42 in a 25 mph area. i reside in oklahoma and that I have state park. will it goto my insurance?

    Can someone elses seats result OUR motor insurance?

    My friend is 16 and she saved up and purchased an automobile (the title is in her name). Now she’s broke and can’t afford the insurance so she doesn’t generate it. Her move mom pushes it though and he or she claims that the vehicle doesn’t need insurance because she (the step mom) has driver insurance and any automobile she drives has liability protection from her insurance . I have never heard of driver insurance and that I was wondering when the step mom is taking some kind of fraud (her car is frequently shattered and it’s also very handy to have a next car) Could someone tell me if this driver insurance exists.

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    “Simply how much do you think insurance is likely to be for me personally (a 17 year old male) operating a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2L 2004? To be able to get a quote also you need to be but I am not yet 17 and I’ve seemed on sites for quotes and that I assume they will examine family members to make sure you’re the proper age. On what much it will costClassic Mini Insurance? Support?

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    Is not there a risk information insurance companyis use? Shouldn’t that be related for several insurance provideris or the same? I request since I flipped insurance carrier’s and saved $300 to get a 6-month policy