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    Thrive is the go-to digital marketing agency in Chicago looking to expand their reach and gain more clients. They are a firm founded by Mark Thompson, who has made himself an integral part of the Chicago media community since 1997. Their strengths lie in creating winning marketing strategies and providing creative and dynamic campaigns that engage their customers, keep them coming back and increase repeat business. Thrive is a perfect blend of technical know-how and creative flair that work well with clients in all industry verticals. With years of industry experience handling digital marketing campaigns with tremendous success, their team of out-of-this-world designers and creative strategists have a dazzling array of ideas for campaigns that are a match made in heaven.

    Their work ethic is second to none, allowing clients to get what they pay for. Their work ethic and loyalty are renowned in the community as well as nationally and are known for their creativity, innovative thinking, marketing strategy and customer focus. Thrive prides itself on offering creative design, innovation and seamless integration of technology and media. The key to a successful campaign is a well-planned marketing strategy that informs and engages your audience and provides a clear understanding of target marketing needs. In order to make sure that each step of the process is strategic and coordinated, Thrive uses a system approach where each part of the project is reviewed to identify areas for improvement. It is important that client expectations are clearly defined and understood so that mistakes are not made in the implementation of campaign plans.

    With such an outstanding reputation in the community, Thrive uses its digital marketing agency connections to find the best possible talent while maintaining strict confidentiality. This enables the agency to bring in the very best individuals who have an excellent combination of technical skills, creative ability and marketing savvy. The agency also ensures that every client receives individualized service and personal attention to create a long term professional relationship. With the use of case studies and comprehensive portfolio reviews, Thrive helps its clients improve their online presence by increasing their brand awareness and increasing website traffic. Case studies include cases where clients have increased sales by having their ads displayed on selected web sites.

    The Chicago-based agency has a large database of both local and international clients dedicated to providing comprehensive marketing services. They offer social media optimization, search engine optimization, pay per click management and social media marketing including social media bookmarking, video marketing and viral marketing. Social media optimization involves creating an SEO strategy to help your website achieve organic growth in the search results. This includes using keywords and keyword phrases that are most relevant to your business and create press releases, back links and articles that are well written to spread the word. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps clients increase website traffic and visibility in search results by making sure that targeted keywords are included in web content.

    Social media marketing (SMM) also involves creating an SEO strategy to help your business achieve organic growth in search results. Social media marketing helps clients increase website traffic and website visibility in search results by making sure that targeted keywords are included in web content. The marketing services incorporate other types of digital media such as email marketing, mobile messaging, video marketing, podcasting, webinars and more. Social media marketing services incorporate all available forms of digital media to help clients build a successful online brand.

    Advertising is perhaps the most important component of marketing strategies. Digital Marketing Agencies in Chicago specializes in all types of advertising including print, television, radio and billboard advertising. The advertising services also encompass strategic planning, creative branding, media buying and ad placement. Chicago based advertising agencies are known for the creative branding and effective implementation of advertising campaigns, helping their clients achieve success with their advertising strategies.

    Video marketing is also becoming increasingly popular as a way to reach clients and potential clients. Video marketing helps businesses effectively reach their clients through online videos. This form of marketing works by providing businesses the chance to showcase products or services for people across the globe. A digital marketing agency in Chicago can help businesses improve their online presence by implementing effective video marketing campaigns.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps businesses achieve new heights of visibility by making sure that web pages are ranked well within popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. Search Engine Optimization is essential to promote a brand because it increases the amount of visitors to websites and dramatically improves customer conversions. Hiring the services of a digital marketing agency in Chicago enables you to increase traffic and brand awareness of your business. It helps your business to achieve greater visibility and higher conversion rates for your products and services. The best digital marketing agencies in the country to help their clients achieve new market share goals and realize ROI (Return on Investment).