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    Not realizing the rack was from the plain view from staff and patrons, she left her car and house keys in their front left jacket pocket. Her thought was to separate her keys from her purse to avoid any potential identification cross referencing.

    I Don’t want to be mediocre! Ever since I was a young child – Needed to be different. I wanted to be a leader! But, more than anything else – I needed to leave a musical legacy. But HOW? How is that going to proceed?

    “Totality of events” makes certain that you donrrrt want to take 1 aspect to look for the intent of the new company/partner/wife. They won’t either. Previously being in the intelligence world for decades I have not counted on a single source of intelligence to generate a guess exactly what the enemy is going through. Once an indication is shown they would use all assets at our disposal to confirm or deny the opinion.