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    Social activism is a way of dealing with present day problems by making changes in the society. In this way, people use this word to describe the type of activism that takes place. This is a form of non-violent civil disobedience. Activists use various methods of social change as their way of saying ‘no’. There are many types of social activism. People can engage in peaceful civil disobedience for social causes such as animal rights, ending child abuse, economic issues and various other forms of social causes.

    Civil disobedience is a form of social activism where people decide to disobey a law or constitution. This means that citizens refuse to obey laws which they believe are unjust. A citizen who finds a law to be unjust is legally obligated not to do what the law requires. They can also face serious consequences if they break the law. An example of this would be during the Martin Luther King Jr. Trial.

    magazine and principles of social activism are to make changes in the society for the better. There are magazine that an activist can use to make changes in the society, these tactics include civil disobedience, speech act or speech obstruction, publicity stunts and even riots depending on the cause. To fully utilize the skills and tactics of an activist one needs to know how to plan a successful social action. For a beginner activists need to follow three simple steps which are as follows:

    judicial activism involves using various forms of peaceful disobedience to bring about change in the society. Judicial activism involves many forms of social activism. Examples of such forms of activism include boycott cases, lawsuits, and lobbying legislation.

    Popular protests are usually organized to call the attention of the public to something. Some popular examples of popular protests are environmental protests, labor protests, anti-war demonstrations, and political demonstrations. Activist may choose to organize street demonstrations or join other groups in an eco-friendly action group. There are also protest marches, sit-ins, silent demonstrations, and sit-in marches. magazine used by environmental activists is known as occupying, where they occupy a spot for a given time and occupy the spot until the situation is resolved.

    One must have a clear understanding of what social justice is before engaging in social activism. It is clear that a person who wants to make a difference in the world should go for social activism. It has been defined as, ‘ordering social realities based on the needs of people living in those reality’. A social activist’s work will aim at changing social realities by bringing together groups of people with different perspectives to work towards a common cause. The key feature of social action is that the group involved work together to solve a problem or improve the world.

    Before choosing magazine , it is important to know the 10 facts about social activism. A good knowledge on these facts can help an individual decide if he/she wants to be a part of it or not. A social activist may use any tactic to get the message out to the people. He/she uses methods such as petitions, films, performances, and speeches to convey their message. They also organize community events to further promote their cause. And finally, an individual who decides to be part of the activism should have the commitment and energy to bring about change to the society.

    Activists use various tactics to persuade their target audiences. One of the best ways to persuade is to create awareness through art and literature. Activists use the megaphones and megalinks to shout out their opinions and to create awareness among the people. Activists may use the megaphone and megalink to drown out other speakers. Finally, a social activist should have the commitment and energy to bring about change in the society.