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    In essence, renting an email list simply means to contract a third party to use their email list for you to send out an email blast to. Needless to say, email list renting can range in price with some paying as little as $20. When renting an email list, obviously the owner will be sending out an email on your behalf to your email list. When a customer signs up to receive your product or service, they will usually receive an email asking them to confirm that they wish to receive information from you. By renting an email list you are in effect renting your customer’s email list.

    However there are two ways of going about email list renting that can be worth considering. Firstly there are the Ultimate Rental Guide and the E-zine Directory. The Ultimate Rental Guide is definitely worth looking at as it does have a one-time fee. This however is a one time payment and you get lifetime access to the system. You also get the advantage of being able to manage and view all the lists that are available to you which can be a major plus point for renting.

    However, for the more budget savvy amongst us who do not want to take the one-time fee that the Ultimate Rental Guide offers, there is actually the E-zine Directory. This directory will cost you a nominal one-time fee. However, one of the main differences between renting email lists from the E-zine Directory and the Ultimate Rental Guide is that with the E-zine directory you are only charged a per list rental instead of a list that you have made a payment on. The other big difference is that with E-zine you will be charged on a monthly basis, rather than once. But as long as you are prepared to spend a monthly fee for such an advantage, then the E-zine Directory is well worth considering.

    Now as far as advantages of email list renting go, they certainly add a touch of professionalism and style when starting out your online business venture. Let’s face it. When starting your own business, it is often hard to impress people. The whole point is getting your product out there so that you can make them aware of it. So as soon as you have signed up with an autoresponder provider the next step is to market and promote yourself and your product.

    To do this, you’ll need mailing lists. There are two types of email list rental services that are available online: free and paid. Free mailing lists can be decent but you have to remember that the free ones may not be updated. This means that if your product has changed you’ll need to update your mailing lists accordingly. Paid mailing lists tend to be more up to date and are considered more reliable for what they’re offering – but it’s still best to check. This is because it’s easy to get all your customers’ information mixed up with other customers information and this can lead to confusion about what is yours and who you are sending it to!

    The main advantage of a paid service when it comes to renting email lists is that they are much more reliable. When you consider how important customer contact is, this is crucial. You can’t afford to lose potential customers because you didn’t keep them informed. By using an autoresponder you can ensure that the emails you send out are kept up to date and that they hit all of your recipients inboxes. With a good quality mailing list you’ll almost never need to worry about this and your results will reflect this.

    A key advantage of mailing lists you will find when you’re renting them from a service such as Mailchimp is that you can easily modify your messages and how often you send them out. For example, some services like Mailchimp offer their clients the ability to set the frequency of their emails. If you don’t keep your offers interesting and relevant your readers will become bored with them in no time at all. And if you don’t keep your readers interested in what you have to say in your newsletter your readers will follow you after only a few minutes. So, by keeping your email messages interesting and relevant you will keep your readers interested in your company and in whatever products you are marketing .

    But one other great advantage of renting from a service like Mailchimp when it comes to email campaigns list rentals means that you can easily get started and start making money right away. You don’t have to wait for your mailing list to grow and you don’t have to worry about your readers’ interest levels. With Mailchimp you can start marketing and advertising your products and services right away. In fact, Mailchimp even has special tools like auto responders that can help you get started with email marketing right away. Now that’s one advantage that’s hard to beat.