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    “Iv just passed my examIve been attempting to to determine when the insurance is cheaper around the GS compared to GSX because i dont need to get ripped just because it’s a turbo. But i also dont want have to purchase a whole couple of new stuff simply to put a turbo about it then to purchase the GS.

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    In January of 08 I’m likely to get a New-Mitsubishi Lancer GTS. I already know just just how much my payments that are monthlly are currently going to function as the auto is 20 grand. I Live in GA and was curious about around how much could insurance be if im 18 years of age driving a new vehicle. It’d have to be full coverage and at this time my family has Allstate. Can anyone provide me an acceptable Appraisal? Thank You.

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    “I moved to Oklahoma. Cannot afford health insurance — and am about what to do if I must visit the physician worried