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    Creative Impact Agency (Crowley Ltd.) was honored for exceeding expectations in the prestigious Webby Awards for best use of Internet media (advertising, PR & Social Media). This award is the highest awarded honor at the annual meeting of the World Wide Webby Awards, which occurs in Hollywood, California. In honoring Crowley, the Webby Awards jury praised both its creativity and its ability to produce a sophisticated and innovative web video for a fraction of the cost of creating a similar product on a traditional commercial video network. As an example, Crowley produced six video projects for Amazon’s The Report – ranging from an informational video introducing the new Amazon Prime video rental market to an entertaining video showing customers how to make a tote bag from cardboard.

    A creative impact agency like Crowley can be very helpful when it comes to making media campaigns. These companies provide design services as well as other creative solutions that help businesses create effective advertisements. In fact, many businesses use a professional creative impact agency to create the company logo, as only a top agency will have the right look and feel for a company. Plus, an impact agency makes marketing easier and more streamlined. Most agencies offer SEO and social media strategies. This helps a company stay ahead of the competition.

    A creative impact agency has a team of experts that specialize in different aspects of the creative process. An agency might include graphic designers, copywriters, web designers, marketing specialists, and editors. The entire process begins with concept generation. Once the concept is developed, it is converted into written text and images. After that, a company can choose to take filming or photography from an outside source.

    A new trend for companies is to create videos rather than advertising. The videos are created to support current campaigns or to complement products and services that a company offers. In order to make the most of a video campaign, it should be accompanied by an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy that ensures high placement on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The video then needs to be made accessible to users through social media, pay per view, DVD distribution, and television.

    The process doesn’t end there. Branding is another key aspect of creating a video for branding purposes. It’s a short video that speaks to a specific audience about a product or service. Branding involves creating a logo, colors, fonts, and other visual cues that help create a positive association for a business with consumers.

    When a company is seeking creative impact agency assistance, it should ask for recommendations from a few different agencies. Each has different approaches to brand building, and a professional service will have a preferred method. A good agency will also have established relationships with the various brands a client works with. This ensures they will deliver results that are consistent and increase a client’s chance of achieving success.

    If a video for brand marketing development does not include branding, it doesn’t matter how polished it is. There is still a major impact in getting a viewer to understand the concept behind a company or product. A creative agency should guide a client on how to utilize YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms to further promote a brand. The goal isn’t to just upload a video and expect results, as those types of videos don’t have the same impact as those that incorporate a brand strategy.

    Creative impact agency services should include many more aspects of creating a successful video campaign. A good service should offer a variety of brainstorming techniques for brand branding and the creation of a viral video campaign. It should also include SEO (search engine optimization) strategies for video placement and online marketing. Finally, the agency should work with a client’s budget and use creative solutions that enhance the value of the brand.