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    Avg automobile insurance for 18-year old?

    Can anyone guide me to the Insurance Company United America for medical insurance ?

    It was my first speeding ticket. I went 42 in A – 25 mph area. i live in oklahoma and that I have state park. will it goto my insurance?

    Can somebody elses tickets effect OUR auto insurance?

    Our pal is 16 and she saved up and ordered a car (the title is in her name). Now she is shattered and can’t so it does not be driven by her afford the insurance. Her step mom pushes it however and he or she says that the auto does not need insurance because she (the step mom) has driver insurance and any automobile she drives has responsibility protection from her insurance. I’ve never heard about driver insurance and that I was thinking if the step-mom is dragging some kind of con (her car is frequently damaged which is incredibly practical to really have a third vehicle) Could someone tell me if this driver insurance exists.

    Just how much could these automobiles cost to run per month?

    19 yr old-looking for a quick & cheapest insurance car…?

    “Howmuch you think insurance is going to be for me personally (a 17-year old guy) operating a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2L 2004? Also you need to be to be able to get yourself an offer but I’m not 17 and I’ve searched on sites for estimates and that I believe they will verify family members to be sure you’re the era that was right. On how much it should costClassic Mini Insurance? Help?

    “LikeEstimated Cost per. monthly Payments with this vehicle…?

    Is it expensive to ensure a honda civic for a fresh driver?

    Is not there a possibility manual insurance company’s use? Shouldn’t that be the same or equivalent for all Insurance company’s? I request since I changed insurance company’s and saved $300 for a 6 month policy